Saturday, February 13, 2010


Oh dear God...

Its happened again.

Another night, spent sitting up and searching for words I really can't find, written out and set to music.
Should I write a song for this? Or should I try to fight it off and push it down again, so I can get by without my yearly dose of proximity to one. certain. person?
Maybe I am going crazy.
Maybe I'm already there.
Maybe I've been there for a while and I just haven't been paying attention.
Either way, I can't seem to fight it back anymore.
It seems like every time I open my mouth, his name and that memory are ready to fly out, looking for someone to tell me they are possible and I might not be imagining the words in my ears.
I've been crushed by unrealistic "love" before, and I know this might fall into that category in some minds...
But I can't get past the promise You made, I can't unhear Your voice or unread the words that said I know the plans I have for you...

Or maybe I am just wishful. Maybe I really am just destined for The Everyday.