Thursday, November 4, 2010


I will never cease to follow.
While my own world crumbles at the sides, and the road falls away behind me, I will run toward you and not look back.
There is a world of Horrors at my heels, but your hand pulls me along and out of their grasp, but not so far that I'll forget that you save me.

I will put my trust in you,
Your power is enough to cause the rocks and mountains to sing,  and you're worthy of every note and more...
The songs that flow from our pens and the pages we fill with words are so limited in relation to how beautiful you really are.

My father, I will trust you.
Though the world  around me screams for my attention, I will place you before me forever.
Make me pure, my God, and cleanse my heart and my motives.
Renew my mind and clean my lips.
Show me your beauty, and my eyes will glow like fire.
The intensity of your presence will kill the death in me.

Give me a new name, and I'll let go of me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Fall

"Wretched Thing..." I say to her
She can't be me, but my hands on my face mirror hers.
My face in the mirror is unrecognizable, my lips dripping with blood and cuts, mud smeared into the open scratches on my face.
I throw water in my eyes, and push my face under the tap to wash away that reflection
I scrub at my skin, thinking the more soap I use, the warmer the water, the more forcefully I wash, the easier it will be to forget the things I've done.

I never meant to fight.
I never meant to fall.
I didn't start out trying to become this thing that I am.
But this mind of mine, the tongue in my head...
it breaks bones and shatters skulls.
It sends me to my grave.

My actions and my every word reek of death.
I cry and scream of beauty,
but the words become just swears and sin as soon as they've been said
There is no breath or heart to beat inside my empty chest.
I press my face to the reflection and as I do she says
"How can you say you're living when your heart's weighed down with lead?"