Sunday, April 15, 2012

Letter From The Angry Ex-Girlfriend.

I'm sick of being eloquent! I just want to throw a fit, okay?!
You left me out to dry and acted like I didn't mind the silence,
 who do you think you are?!
You cookie cutter guy with your magazines stashed where you wouldn't I won't find them, say they don't matter, just say it again!
Look me in the eye when you say you didn't realize what was going down!
I asked you to be strong for me, but that didn't seem to work for you
I'm just a mouth to kiss and a sack of skin to touch and pretend is worth listening to.
 those times we were out too late?
 I regret to mention,
just a product of my stored up tension,
 reaction to men's stinging condescention and reaction to the cold, dark censure of my life's rigidity,
I gave up much too much of me.
Its you I see, all bold and brass,
trading me for work, like I'm not worth the cash
 you'd lose
 to buy your tech and booze
 and the cigarettes that kill you from inside,
 despite the fact you said you'd  put them aside.
All of these?
I'm so sick of these LIES.
I will never lie
beside you for the rest of my life,
spending each day just being emptied inside
of all the life I once had and the hope I held on to,
I wish I'd never found you.

I'm so glad to be rid of you
and the sting of the sin you'd use to get your way
But now the sun is coming up, my friends are getting up to start their day
So I might as well join them, now that this poems done.
Hope you get to read this, hope you get to see that I'm not yours anymore
"We" were only a revolving door that you exit through,
and I enter, new and refreshed, because I've been blessed with forgiveness
Now I'll extend it to you, because this was just a letter from the angry ex-girlfriend,
 but that's not who I am anymore.
Whether good things or bad, all things come to an end,
and this message I send, this is it.
Let's board up the revolving door and just wave
and then never look back as we go our separate ways.