Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Actor

I wear a white mask
To distract you from my motives.
You see me? You see purity, gentleness and kindness.
But you see, my façade is working.
You and your people buy in to my deception, following me right up to the edge of the cliff.

I have you all.
All of you have bought in to my spell.
You think my thoughts, the things I speak in whispers drip off your tongue like the booze drips from the bottle.
You've listened to the things I say with rapt attention, worship and expectation.
But you don't understand my goals, you don't see my knife is at your throat.
My only aim is your destruction, but I would never let you see that.

I am the patron of liars. I am the master of disguises
and you and yours can never see, the death that hides
behind my pretty words and gracious gestures.
It's all in the script.
So follow me, I'll lead your way.
No need to look from side to side, no need to choose.
You'll see what I want you to, you'll do what I say.
So give me your heart, your mind, your hands and soul.
And in the end, I'll have it all.

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