Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Create in me..."

"Create in me a pure heart, O God..."- Psalm 51:10a 
Create in me. 
3 simple words we always seem to breeze right over so we can get to the next part. Most of the time, when I read it, I think this verse is all about the pure heart bit. I think as a result, I've missed out on something I've needed to know for a long time.

So often, we say "God Created us" and while this is true as a general statement ( God created humanity "in the beginning"), grammatically, I think there is a huge breakdown when we try to say "God created me." God did NOT "create" me (past tense), He is, however CREATING me. He gave me my form from the start, yes, but my heart, my mind, my personality, my soul is a constant job that will continue until I die.

God did not set his pen down when my life began and say "I'm done." No, he put me into this world and stopped to watch.  He gave me free will, He gave me a mind and a soul that longs for Him. He gives me all the pieces I need, then He allows me to try to put the puzzle together myself. Then, like the Father He is, He sits down with me and shows me how to do it, even if He ends up doing all the work himself.

David understood this. David made a mess of his life, but he recognized that he was still a work-in-progress, and that's what I need to learn. God is still working on me, putting me together and fixing what I put together wrong.
He's not done with me yet.

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Margo in Maine said...

I have been reading down through some of your writings..In life we meet people that are standouts and in my book you are one of them even though I do not know you well. You are so gifted by God ... You are one that I like to follow because I believe God is and will use you may seem slow to you but be patient as He builds in you and leads you...Your writings are have an amazing talent to you seek Him He will direct you and fulfill your desires..blessings Gabe