Thursday, November 13, 2008


I will trust you oh god, to direct my path.
I will follow you oh god, no matter what the cost.
I will give myself over to you Oh My god,because as high as the skies are over the earth, so are your ways higher than mine.

These are the cries of my heart, Father!
Hear me sing your praises!
Because even in my trouble YOU are there!
Even in my sickness, YOU are there!
You are holy, God.
I am lowly.

I will decrease so you can increase!

Father, savior, redeemer, provider!
You are.
Lowly, Shameful and broken!
I am!

Change me to be the person you've called me to be.
May the word of my lips and the thoughts of my mind be subject to your will.
If I go against what you would have me do, draw me back and I will come.
Oh my god, I am yours.
Here in this moment, I am yours.
From this day on, Jesus, I am yours.

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