Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He tripped on Triple X's

This is dedicated to the guys I love, and to XXXchurch. It hurts to be on the other side of the porn thing, not the girl in the porn, but the one who has to watch you get sucked in.
Trembling hands with trembling fingers
Reaching up, her arms outspread
Oh god please help me. my god! please help me!
Silent prayers in her head.

Muscles tighten, teeth clench to keep the screams inside
From the pain, the hurt, not just her own
Running, wondering where to hide
From the monster in her home.

Invisible to the naked eye,
Computer screens let it inside,
Only the careful see,
The poison monster as it creeps.

The death to spirit, blood and bone,
Silently invades the home.
There's nothing that the girl can do
To kill the death that's captured you.


Sherri said...

I saw your comment on SCL about the rap music and want to invite you read a post I wrote on my recent experience with it.


Or just click on my name then scroll down my post roll till you see Music to my ears?

Sherri said...

I wanted to add, that you will be blessed with a long life for honoring your parents.

I just wanted you to see from a parent's view, that sometimes, we can even have a change of heart.

my kids are grown now, but while they were under my roof, I wouldn't have had this music playing in my house.

Now, I still don't like it, but I have at least studied it.

SO proud to see a young Christian Girl hangin' in there!

God bless you!